Vehicle Diagnostics

vehicle diagnostics

Full vehicle diagnostics throughout the Brighton and Hove area

If you feel that your Volvo is not performing as efficiently as it should, then Amber Garage can help. We provide full vehicle diagnostics.

Accurate engine diagnostics

At Amber Garage, we use the latest technology and engine modelling software to identify and diagnose the root cause of the fault that your engine has developed. We’ll also take a look at your entire car to identify issues that haven't yet flashed up. We’ll advise you on the best course of action and provide a free estimate. We’ll repair or replace the faulty components quickly and affordably.
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Our car diagnostics include:

  • Scan of all systems
  • Gearbox systems
  • ABS and Anti skid brake faults
  • SRS airbag faults
  • Engine diagnostics
  • CEM electrical faults
Brakes and tyres
car oil changing

Improve your vehicle's performance

Are you unhappy with your Volvo’s performance? We will be able to help. We are well-known in Brighton and Hove for providing expert diagnostic services. We’ll ensure that your car performs at its best.
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